Scince its conception in 2006 the center for innovation competence HALOmem is the driving force for the biophysical analysis of integral membrane proteins and membrane protein complexes. HALOmem works as an interdisciplinary scientific facility at the Martin Luther University in Halle and strengthens and extents the established focus of protein biochemistry. Beside the existing expertise of protein structure determination (X-ray, solid nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and in solution) methods for the expression and reconstitution of membrane proteins and their characterisation using fluorescence spectroscopy were added.

To be able to work on structure determination of membrane protein complexes the spectrum of methods was extended by adding cryo-electon microscopy and mass spectrometry including native mass spectrometry. Based on this package of methods HALOmem meets conditions to carry out industrial projects with local and national companies.

For a full molecular description of membrane proteins and their interaction in complexes the complete bundle of methods from optimised protein isolation to structure determination is available at HALOmem.

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