Milton T. Stubbs

Prof. Stubbs’s research interests lie in the structural biology of proteins of therapeutic relevance, with a particular focus on macromolecular conformational transitions, including the influence of protein flexibility on ligand affinity.

Stubbs lab

  Jochen Balbach

Prof. Balbach’s research interests lie NMR spectroscopy, structural biology of proteins, function and dynamics of proteins, biophysical methods to study protein folding.

Balbach lab

  Daniel Huster   (now member of the scientific advisory board)

Prof. Huster studies the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins such as Ras or G protein-coupled receptors, the viscoelastic properties of natural and artificial biological tissues, and nano-biotechnologically modified lipid surfaces by solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

Huster lab at the University of Leipzig

Excerpt list of publications

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